Trout Team 6

1) Coleman Fly Fishing Rule #2: “Try not to fish alone!”

Trout Team Six is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts who share a passion for conservation of our natural resources, catch and release practices, fly tying and generally all things related to fly fishing.

Myself, Michael “Maverick” Coleman

2010 Kinni Colors    It took some time, but I finally landed a nice steelhead. The hat may become my new lucky hat . . .

2) Adam “Iceman” Coleman (my brother).  Adam and I have been fishing together for over 20 years.

2013 Steelhead Blizzard 5    Adam Brook Trout

3) John “Ironman” Davies. My prize student and friend, John has recently taken up fly tying as well.

2011 steelhead 10    2015 is turning out to be John's year for Steelheading. He had a long Brule River skunk going, so he was over due!

4) Derek “Tinman” Davies.  John’s brother and my friend, Derek always finds the big fish.

2011 steelhead 5    2011 steelhead 36

5) Jeff “Trout Team Leader” Smalley

Smalley two fish    IMG_8867

6) John Matulis (nick name pending)

Matulis Waterbury Zoo 2016

7) Clint “Czech Master” DePriest

clint1  clint2

8) Dylan Hotchkiss


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