Videos will appear in various blogs, and they’ll be stored at Vimeo of course:

4) Land of the Noon Day Sun

In this video, Jeff Smalley and I fish with professional fly fishing guide Clint DePriest, who takes us to school on the Nantahala.  I highly recommend fishing with him!

2) The Epic Muskie (I mean Pike) Trip

This video shows our first quest searching for Muskie on the fly rod.  We had a few Muskie eats, but never got one in the boat.  Along the way though, we had a lot of fun, caught some smallmouth bass and landed a massive 35 inch Northern Pike.  All in all, a great trip!

1) The Waterbury Zoo

This is the story of my brother and I along with a new friend, John, to find the big rainbows on the Winooski River in Vermont.  The locals affectionately refer to this river as “the Waterbury Zoo” due to the stocked trophy ‘bows that get put into this river every year.


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