The Stolen Fishing Trip

native brookie

native brookie

Fly fishing opportunities can present themselves in the most unusual of circumstances.  For instance, a friend and colleague of mine happened to fly in for a sales meeting.  I saw this as an opportunity to steal away to the river for two to three hours and show Jeff a little bit of the driftless area in Wisconsin.  After picking him up at the airport, and heading to the river in scrubs, we skulked around the river hunting for active trout.  A bunch of beautiful brookies and browns later, we were admiring the sound of the river as we put our gear away into my Subaru.  That’s when Jeff coined the phrase (for me at least): He said: “Michael, this was really a stolen fishing trip”.  He described it as stealing a moment in time for something you never have quite enough time to enjoy.  It’s amazing what a little relaxation on the river can do for the soul.  Have you ever had a stolen fishing trip? Share yours in the comments!

The stolen fishing trip

The stolen fishing trip.  Here’s Jeff masterfully handling my CFO reel and Orvis Helios-2, 4-weight rod like a champ!

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