Fly Fishing Videography

My first video of 2016 is actually from my trip to Georgia near the end of 2015:

A lot of people ask me how I make my fly fishing videos.  It’s actually not too difficult. Here’s what you need:

  1. Preparation and Patience
  2. An HD camera (you can use your smart phone, but I highly recommend a waterproof case or bag to keep it safe so you don’t accidentally make a disaster movie instead of a fly fishing movie).
  3. Video Editing Software
  4. A Place To Show Your Video

With regards to Preparation and Patience, you need to balance your need to fish with the need to get good footage.  Sometimes, I spend an hour during prime fishing hours just getting some great footage.  It also helps to catch fish .  .  . and get it on camera.  There are plenty of times the camera ran out of power, or wasn’t ready when the fish finally decided to cooperate.   That brings me to preparation.   Make sure you have all the right equipment, and pack it carefully so that you can get at it easily (extra batteries etc.).

With regards to Cameras, in another post, I’ll talk specifically about the GoPro camera that I use.  But it’s important that you use a high definition camera (minimum resolution of 720p) so that your video quality looks good in our “high-def” world.  Between the GoPro and the iPhone that I use, I can get almost all the footage I want.  There are some things only a drone or a professional camera can grab, but a smartphone and GoPro can make some beautiful videos.

For Video Editing Software, most smart phones come with some sort of editing software, and there are plenty of cheap options in the “app store”.  If you want to, you can spring for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or another professional editing software, and then you are able to edit on a computer.

Finally, you will want to Share Your Work with the world.  I highly recommend Vimeo instead of YouTube for public viewing, but if you start to get a lot of followers, or want to increase your viewership, then YouTube can help with that too.  For sharing with family and friends, you can email a link directly from these sites.  In addition, Drop Box is a great way to store your files online so you can access them anywhere and share private links with family.

Stay tuned; I’ll share more tips and tricks about each aspect of my fly fishing videos in a later post.  Do you have any tips for making fly fishing videos?  Share them in the comments below!

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