8 Years, 10,000 Casts and One Big Payoff!

My brother and I have been fishing together for over 25 years.  It is amazing to me that I have done anything in this world for that long.  That is almost two-thirds of my entire life.

Eight of those years have been spent trying to help him catch his first legitimate steelhead. After I moved to Minnesota, it took me a few years to get my first steelhead and now I can consistently catch them.  However, when he visits for our annual steelhead trip, he only has 1-2 days to try to maximize his casts and hone his steelhead tactics.  He has been overdue for a nice steelhead for quite some time.

I am so glad that I happened to be fishing side by side that day with my brother. Both John and I got to share in the excitement and pure joy of Adam’s first steelhead.  There is nothing quite like watching someone experience the adrenaline of a steelhead on the fly, and first time experience too!

Even after 25 years, there are still new experiences to find on the river.  Have you ever gotten someone onto their first fish on the fly? Feel free to share it in the comments section below, and enjoy the video.

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